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Dust Explosions Report

Associate Professor Peter Wypych, Centre for Bulk Solids and Particulate Technologies, University of Woollongong has endorsed the Olds Elevator and DSH Systems dust suppression hopper at the Dust Explosions 2007 Conference held in Australia. 

In the lead-up to his session, conference delegates, mainly comprising senior executives from the grains, food and agriculture sectors, had heard repeatedly of the dangers in bulk handling plants of secondary explosions arising from migrant dust accumulated over a long period of time.

A frequently referenced example was the devastating explosion at the Bestcare pet food factory in Gunnedah Aust. in January 2003 which leveled the factory and a good many buildings in a one kilometre radius.  There, a propane leak ooccasioned a small primary explosion, with years of built-up dust contributing to the secondary, and far larger, dust explosion.

In his session on "latest developments in handling technology to increase plant safety" Professor Wypych discussed two new systems; DSH Systems Ltd and Olds Elevators; as two very useful tools in the armoury of bulk handling engineers and technicians.

If you want to read a copy of the entire report, click here.

Courtesy of Australian Bulk Handling Review 


It comprises two parts; initially a flame or fireball (combusion reaction) followed by shockwaves that arise from expansion effects caused by the combustion reaction.

A dust explosion results from a high concentration of air-borne combustible dust particles and a source of ignition.

Many times the initial, often quite small (primary) dust explosions can set off a chain reaction of larger dust explosions.

At greatest risk are industrial environments with large amounts of stored or accumulated combustible dusts.

When a dust explosion occurs, it is usually too late to protect plant and personnel.

In 1999 a spark set off a primary explosion at a fibreboard plant, near Mataura N.Z., which then set off a secondary and far larger dust explosions causing devastation.  The explosions were heard 5 kms away and property damaged one kilometre away.  On this occasion, luckily, no one was injured.

Courtesy of NZ Fire Service


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