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New green and sustainable technology

Integral to the heat plants, the Olds Elevator is superior technology for biomass energy production.

Olds Elevator - New Solutions

  • Dust emission is virtually eliminated. Any fine particles (dust) are contained in the full-bore mode of flow.
  • Provides an inherent explosion barrier or choke due to its full-bore mode that will prevent explosions or deflagrations propagating to other parts of the plant.
  • Unique design avoids the high-risk ignition sources that can occur inside conventional elevators, especially bucket elevators.
  • Reduces waste
  • Improves safety
  • Higher efficiency
  • Smaller foot print
  • Simpler
  • Safer
  • Healthier workplace environment  
  • Silent
  • Fewer components

Energy and Resource Conservation with Olds Elevator Technology

  • Bulk materials move directly from floor level to feed processes - no intermediate screw feeders or storage hoppers needed
  • Loss-in-weight feeders often eliminated
  • Outperforms pneumatic systems without costly compressors, blowers, vacuum or dust control equipment
  • Since only interstitial air is transported during elevation, dust control needs are greatly reduced
  • Reduced manpower requirements - simple operation
  • Silent operation obviates noise reduction measures
  • Wear components are inexpensive, easily accessed and simple to replace
  • Operates with low amp draw
  • Space savings calculated in 100s of cubic feet compared with conventional conveyors

"I see the Olds Elevator replacing lots of bucket elevators," - Associate Professor Peter Wypych,

More about Sustainable Design.

Patented worldwide. More Patent Applications and Patents Pending. Enquiries about licencing this new technology are welcome.


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